I postponed a death today. Saving a life would be wrong.
No one alive allowed to stay. Here a short time then gone.

Causing a death to be delayed makes a hero in others' eyes.
What if the life that's over stayed later causes many others to die?

Does the saving turn to killing should you change death's plan?
Responsible even if unwilling trading one for others if you can?

What if the death you deferred the life you allowed to remain
belonged to a Hitler unheard their killing but you to blame?

Would you still keep them alive knowing what they have in store?
Or perhaps aid in their demise become a person you deplore?

You cannot know this prior. Choices will affect the direction.
Cause you to lead one to a pier. Death still demands her selection!

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This Poems Story

My poem was written in response to death taking my mother. Why are so many poor excuses for humanity allowed to stay when she was taken? Why are some evil creatures' deaths postponed?