I stand before three great doors,
All of them lead to greatness.
I have the ability to open all of them
And yet the motivation to open none.
For I know that as soon as I enter one,
The others are lost to me.
I desire them all and yet commit to none.
I am told to make a decision, but how can I
When it means I will never know
What is behind the doors that still stand closed?
How can I decide on one when it means I lose
That which is behind the other doors.

I am told to shoot for the stars,
But which one exactly?
They all look more enticing,
As they grow farther away.
Choosing a path only cuts off the possibility of any other.
Those who settle for something
As big as the moon may seem impressive,
And yet everyone knows that they could have gone farther
If only they had tried.

It is much more fulfilling to look upon
where you still can go than where you could have gone,
And where you are now.

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