Pour You My Heart

By Chew   

All I needed to hear was "I love you"
To satisfy the ache in my longing heart.
The smile I plastered on my face
Kept you from seeing I was falling apart.
The emotional clouds loomed,
Waiting to drench my face with tears-
How I longed to tell you of all my hopes and fears.
Inside of me, I wailed of loneliness;
Without you, I can't stand.
Have all along you stood beside me?
Has it been you all along, whispering my name?
There is no one like you, who holds me,
Who can wipe my sorrow away;
You are the only one who can define me,
Who takes away my pain.
I pour out my heart to You,
Your heart has the only ears that can hear,
The true desperation in my heart-
The taker of my fear.
I have no other way of knowing
Whether you got my message for love.
God, if You did, please send me an angel,
From Your Heavens so high above.

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