Pouring Pain

I wrote a song,just the other day,
only an hour, after you went away,
you took my heart, but left the pain,
never again, will I feel the same.

Now that your gone, I do wish you well,
glad you can't see, me living in hell,
and now each day, since you have been gone,
I sit and write, yet another song.

Some make me laugh, some make me cry,
sometimes I wonder, as I ask myself why,
for that if I knew, I could change the tune,
and have you back, before high noon.

But as time goes on, what does it matter,
song after song, I get sadder and sadder,
it is your love, that has got me this way,
only your love, that I lost that day.

I wrote a song, and I sing what's true,
that each day, I'll be missing you,
you left a storm, and all of it's rain,
for now I sing, in the pouring pain....

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