Living in my own world, I can't pull it up.
Disgracefully growing up with loneliness.
I can't understand neither make it up.
I wake up with a reason, but I grow up within a season.
When I laugh people cry and when I lose they celebrate.
I live many years but I'm dying every second.
Poverty why are you knocking at my door.
Cry, cry, why I'm I crying.
I can't pull it out, I can't, no I can't.
I'm held captive by your calling.
Poverty why are you laughing?
I'm sadly destroyed by your memories.
I'm ready to fight, yes I'm ready.
I have travelled, insearch of your weapon.
Still now I can't find it.
My heart is secretly breaking because of you.
The shinning moments was ruin by your laughter.
I am devastated, I am sad and I can't fit in.
I'm trapped in the widest and dipest place in my heart.
Poverty please don't come in.
I'm living every single day with painful laughter.
I've searched the horoscope, but still I found you.
I'm yarning to heal because I wanna feel happiness.
Cry, cry, why are you smiling.

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