Power and hunger

Didn’t think that I’d come around
Little did they know I’d be the one to stick around
Had my hopes on high hoping for a change
Day where the light eases all the pain
Thought I was alone on this power chain
Looked around I was only tied as another cane
Heart on my sleeve, a breath of heat
World on fire in a french serrate
Cries of innocents tearing behind a shaded concrete
Immaculate dying on a black and white street
With images on the news echoing all the scenes
Can this all be a dream
Don’t take me as shady but I’m rather hasty
Hasty for a change
Hasty for tomorrow
Where we all don’t gotta wallow in our sorrow
I’m just a human watching the silver screen
but this time I'm not afraid to make a scene
Can we all say this been all foreseen
Keep ignoring my silences
but this time; my words will never be swallowed by your passivity
If this is a country of freedom
Then let me be
Let the cries of pain tear all the veils
Let all the secrets be unveiled
Let me say what my heart refuses to claim as this actuality

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