Power of Fiction

People turn to a world of fantasy,
Not only to escape reality,
But also to let go
Of our hate, heartbreak, and anger.
It shields us from the storms inside.
Characters become our saviors-
Our personal saints.
Suddenly you are vulnerable.
You feel every word, every emotion, every bow
Until you never want to let them go.
Your eyes turn into nasty beasts
Devouring every word.
Turn the page. Turn the page.
You are intimate with the deepest of their soul.
You start to love them unconditionally.
They've become a part of you.
Not just an escape, but your transient reality.
Turn the page. Turn the page.
They show you that every villain has a reason,
Life can be full of adventure,
And that every obstacle can be overcome.
Turn the page. Turn the page.
Inevitably the book comes to a close
Although your heart has prepared to let go,
You can always give it to someone else,
So they can hide from the storms inside.
And you can leave knowing
That the power of fiction is helping another,
With every turn of the page.

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