Power of the flower

During the age of Aquarius
when all the chaos began
hippies promoting peace and love
to get the hell out of Viet Nam

daisy chain of flowers
like a halo on their heads,
Johnson just didn’t care about
how many teenagers ended up dead

that includes those at home
who protested for it to stop
national guards with bayonets
flower children were brutally shot

war over there, war at home
government tried to wilt the flower
the whole wide world was watching
while youths peacefully flexed their power

sticking a flower into a barrel
will it stop the bullets from coming out?
can’t they see, “love is all we need”
is the mantra they continued to shout

will authority grasp the waste of life?
they all should go and smoke some pot,
let flower power people rule the world
only peace and love can make it stop.

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    This Poems Story

    This pays homage to the 1960\'s (for those of us that remember that time and what it meant). for those that don\'t know or remember,\" the whole world\'s watching\" was a repeated chant at the Chicago Democratic Convention (Aug. 29, 1968) rally, the band \"Chicago\" used the sound bite of that chant at the beginning of their song \"Prologue\" from the \"Chicago Transit Authority\" album. And \"love is all we need\" was from the Beatles song \"All we need is love.\" See the guardsmen pulling out the flowers from the rifle next to him. So intimidated by peace and love. In 1968, counterculture and anti-Vietnam War protest groups began planning protests and demonstrations in response to the convention, and the city promised to maintain law and order. The protesters were met by the Chicago Police Department in the streets and parks of Chicago before and during the convention, including indiscriminate police violence against protesters, reporters, photographers, and bystanders that was later described by the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence as a \"police riot\". During the evening of August 28, 1968, with the police riot in full swing on Michigan Avenue in front of the Democratic party\'s convention headquarters, the Conrad Hilton hotel, television networks broadcast live as the anti-war protesters began the now-iconic chant \"The whole world is watching\". For more information just search the internet, there are plenty of videos.