Power of the Winds

I give you a sense of peace,
with a soft hum I blow the trees.
Watch as i caress the wheat fields,
with a slight and gentle breeze.
Calmly moving you on your hammock,
and putting your mind at ease.
I'll even enjoy carrying your kite,
with a subtle & gentle tease.
You love how I move the waves,
on the surface of the deep blue sea.
Until you notice my mood alters,
causing a disruption in your lovely scene.
I'll make your world upside down & Topsy
turvy, if you know what i mean.
I can toss cars & trailers,
like paper being thrown into the air.
I'll smash your buildings & blow the debris,
like they were never even there.
During this destruction,
you don't want to be caught on the roads.
You've seen the damage I can do in this form,
you'll fear the sight of my tornadoes.
Feel my power on the ocean causing monsoons
& Typhoons, and occasionally a Tidal Wave.
You and your ships crew would be fools,
to think you'll survive by your wits or being brave.
Causing you to get stranded in the ocean,
consuming you with water & stabbing rain.
You'll know well enough to recognize me as the Hurricane.
Even while your in the snow, having your fun and
giving your subtle winters a taste.
But you'll respect me more, Ice & Snow will uproar,
you'll be lucky to see 2 inches in front of your face.
Snow up to your knees, burying everything it sees.
Your praying the storm will soon be done.
You might have a chance, if you survive this dance.
Awaiting the heat from rising of the Sun.
It isn't caused by sorcery, witches not even wizards.
Only mother nature can create such power called a Blizzard.
So pay attention to all the signs,
the warnings of everywhere you've been.
Always respect Mother Nature,
when your introduced to the Powers of the Wind.

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