Power within us (full)

By Freeman   

God's a nice guy but now he's not so forgiving,
He's been watching mankind and is appalled at what he's seeing,
The way it is now is never what he invissioned,
So many wars, caos and carnage,
So many deaths, dyings and heartaches,
Time to stop treating lives like their garbage,
And care for one another like the legacy he started.

Cause we're not so far apart if you would look into your heart,
And start to pick apart of who we really are,
And that is human, as in a whole species,
We come so far yet we started as a feitous,
Don't let them doubt your mind and turn you into non believers,
Cause from the moment we are born we are superior kind of creatures.

Just is it to late with all this caos pain and evil,
Or do you make a change and respect our fellow people,
Start to think as equals,
Stop with all this evil,
Sticking together makes us strong that's hard yet so simple,
Just when people speak the truth it's like nobody sees you,
This world's so screwed take me to another one please will you,
Just wish we had more peace instead of caos pain and evil.

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Lyrics from within, hope for a better tomorrow whilst facing darkness today