I just want to be with her
For she can hold me and tell me everything's alright
Those faded blue eyes make me feel safe,
Yet the eyes seem to know, she can't hold me forever.
She despises the way some people are acting
If she could stop it she would
But when I'm good and calm,
Is all she really cares about.
She knows how it feels to want more for the people you love
Shelter, from the storms life can bring.
Love: something many have been robbed of.
Sometimes you're knocked down, and you may think you're powerless..
She thinks she's lost  me, that she has no control
Coming on strong, but feeling so weak
She'd give anything to protect me,
Shield me. Exactly what I need.
If only she knew how simply she makes me smile,
How incredibly easy it is for her to make me laugh.
Then she could see,
How much power she really has.
So I'll pray someday I'll be back in her arms,
But for now I'll just live my life.
Knowing that there's still that one piece missing
The one reason I have hope. Courage. Strength.
Her faded blue eyes have the power,
That she thinks she may be lacking.
She's wrong. She's strong and able.
Never, will she be powerless.

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