I wish i could help.
To be rich and give you money,
to be an architect and build you a better home,
to be a counselor to help you with your problems and insecurities,
to be the funniest person out there to cheer you up when you're down,
to be the inspiration you look up to,
to end your problems before they even start.
I see so many struggles and bad times,
i wish i could help.
I know I'm sometimes in deep myself,
and i know that sometimes I can't seem to find help anywhere.
But, i remain working to give back.
To help my family,
my friends,
the guy that gave me a dollar because i owed a fine,
to that lady that opened the door for me,
to the kid that made me laugh by giving me a funny face n then a smile,
to everyone that deserves better.
I know i don't have the power,
the resources,
the capability,
the responsibility,
or the need to help you,
but the "want"to help,
is as a flame that never seems to burn out,
giving everlasting heat and warmth.
It burns in me,
and i hope one day i can help everyone.
But for now,
I'll do with being generous,
holding a door for a stranger,
and giving a smile to someone to hopefully brighten their day.
For now,
now that I'm alive and well,
I'll do what possible to help you.

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