Praise Him

I walk in this land that’s governed by man
I spread the good news as much as I can
But it seems so useless and I’m losing the battle
Men and women being herded like cattle

Led to the slaughterhouse to face their death
If only they knew it would be their last breath
They eat of the grass that appears to be greener
If only they knew it was making them leaner

The fatted calf prepared for the slaughter
Is someone’s son and someone’s daughter
They strayed away from their safe security
And now they have lost all of their purity

Their souls are stained with the darkness of sin
Heavy laden from the burdens within
They toil and strain with this mighty load
The weight of the world to them bestowed

When their strength is gone and souls do thirst
And they think that they have seen the worst
They remember a man sharing the good news
That there was a choice they needed to choose

God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross
Only through Him can your sins be lost
He is the pathway for getting to heaven
Repent of your sins and all is forgiven

So tonight our hands we all do raise
And with our voices we give him praise
A mighty God we all do serve
All of our praises He does deserve

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