Ground so cold, so vast, full of the dead.
Oh whipping wind, wrapped around my pale head.
I am as a seed sown in the decrepit catacombs of the earth.
I am as a bar of iron burned hot within the hearth.
My trust is in the One who knows my secret story.
The One builds my world as if I'm a rat in a laboratory.
I've fought the armies of thousands with my stricken hand.
I've been stomped by all in my own land.
Lead around by diverse disappointments and torments.
I look around for somewhere to go and vent.
I am imploding and falling apart. I grab my chest just to feel my heart.
Oh God, remember the affliction of your people afflicted.
Look upon us when we are wrongfully convicted.
When your rod falls upon our bruised back,
when we are worthy of your attack,
Oh God, look how the enemy flourishes without a concern,
Yet we weep and wail in this hellish burn,
Oh God, we try, we try, yet inside we cry.
The pressure is beyond measure or words.
Our troubles comes upon us as waves high above the birds.
Our problems come upon us crashing down,
We cry to you, yet we drown.
Oh God, yet we muster praise.
Oh God, yet we look upon your rays.
How long shall we not be pleasing in your light?
How long shall we be estranged from mercy and in plight?
A thousand troubles and ourselves are made rubble.
Oh God, consume us not as stubble.
For we burn daily for thy cause.
We work and weary for you without pause.
Even so oh God, we commend ourselves in your keep.
Even so, we trust upon you even in our sleep.
I may not be perfect oh God, but for you I try.
Oh God, Look upon your people and hear our little cry.

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