Prayer of a Desperate Heart

Down on my knees again
In this familiar place of surrender
Where I cease to live this life in the flesh
And remember that You have remade me.

I want to be Your hands,
And I want to see through Your eyes
I don't just want Your heart,
But Your very heartbeat I want to be mine.

Lord, I want nothing apart from You
Until you consume every part
Even then, I'll still cry out
For more of You in my heart.

Then You sing that song You wrote for me
I've heard it a thousand times
While singing it, You dance over me
And invite me to join with you.

I cry out:

Let every breath that escapes my lungs
Be nothing but pure adoration
Let the song that my life is singing
Be a sweet one that gets stuck in your head.

If I try to hold back Your song,
Let it burn in my bones like fire.
I'm tired of holding it in!
The people's need is dire!

I see so many that are hurting,
They need to know Your love.
But what if they go and reject it?
How can I show them that You are the One?

You remind me that I am Your son,
Called to serve the least.
By this they will know Your love:
When I lay down my life at their feet.

You gave your life for the outcast
So to reach them, I will follow suit
Let love always be my motive
And salvation always be the fruit.

As I come to the close of my prayer,
You overwhelm me once again
With Your love that began long
Before I asked to be Your hands.

Jesus, let my life be a cry
Of how good and faithful you are.
Let me never grow weary in singing
The song You wrote for all.

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This Poems Story

One night I couldn't sleep, as I was overwhelmed with thoughts of people perishing for eternity, never having the chance to hear about God's love for them. I then wrote this as my response of continued surrender to His calling to share the Gospel with every person I bump into.