Unearth the darkness inside us all
And reveal the memories trapped in the walls
Like the stain on the angry end of a blade
You can hear the sound of machetes cutting the air in half
And I’m reliving every night I couldn’t save myself
I pray to God to love me one day
I swear to God I’ll trust one day
I’ve laid awake praying the Lord my soul to take
Heavenly Father, bring joy with the morning
Because everyone around me is tired of mourning
And I’m tired of running away from angels
That seem too good to be true
Angels that are trying to direct me, trying to connect me
To something bigger and better
But I lose focus while being pulled to something so familiar
I keep running to my demons with open arms
Because it feels so similar to the comfort
Of drowning in the past but still being engulfed
In the flames of whatever is next
My soul is heavy and has crushed mountains
My rage has turned to tears and has split oceans in half
Because my demons that kill me are stronger
Than the angels that save me
And I know I’m still paying for sins I don’t remember
But the louder I pray, the softer I cry
Above or below, I pray I’m not alone

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