Precious Blue Eyed Beauty

She’s so beautiful. Every time I see her, I have to stop and stare. There’s no denying her anything. All she has to do, is smile at me. From the lilt in her walk, to the quiver in her chin when she sings. She’s practically irresistible. When you look into her eyes, you’d better bring a boat. I got lost in those dark, ocean blue eyes. Take care that you don’t.

Her smile puts the sun to shame. It outshines any man made invention. There is nothing in this universe, that has any parallel to her smile. I’m always taken by surprise. Sometimes, I think that I may need someone to catch me. For everytime she looks at me with those eyes and smiles? Man oh man. My knees tremble, my hands shake, and butterflies erupt in stomach. The world comes to a stop, and she’s the only occupant. Sometimes I wonder if my health would be better if I could rid myself of her. But I could never bring myself to. For she is far too precious to let go.

She settles the disputes in heart. A simple smile puts my mind as ease. If only I could talk to her with the ease it takes to look at her. Alas, I can’t seem to find myself worthy. For she is of the highest creatures I know. And to talk to her, would force her down on my level. As if I would ever do that. To strip her of her beauty, grace and aura, just to talk to her. I would feel the guilt forever. Knowing that I pulled this beautiful being down to my humble state, it would kill me inside.

And so. I leave her be. I call her mine, and I am hers. But only in words once spoken, long ago. To think about voicing my thoughts to her in the present, to physically touch and deface her beauty. The time may never come. Our moments may be short, ticking away like a timer, but I’m content. Knowing our love will eventually run out, like the grains of sand in an hourglass. I am satisfied with loving this precious, blue eyed beauty from afar.

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I fell in love once.