Precious Moon

Sphere of light,
planets aligning,
stars sparkling on a clear night.
Trees whispering, as the wind blows through.
The moaning of the icy breeze,
the sheer excitement of the night fawn,
playing with the blustering leaves.
Darkness sets in as the moon is hidden,
passing clouds make her hard to see,
cries scream out from the shores below her,
from the big and bellowing sea.
Ride the wave of voices singing,
feel the stillness of the wildlife,
those that are sleeping are gently snoring;
the others expressionist, in their plight.
Dancing moonbeam, through branches strewn,
shining through curtains amidst the rooms,
of those oblivious to goings on,
within the hidden night time fun.
The treasures of the night unfurling,
morning comes as dusk is dawning,
welcome sun to such a wonder,
light the day for all to ponder;
enriching those with love and awe,
and then back to moonlight,
as once before.

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