Precious Pearls

Iridescent, luminous, perfectly matched white pearls,
my favorite anniversary gift from my husband.
Each pearl knotted with string, prized for their conformity,
most cherished when identical in size and luminosity.

My family's is not of the homogenized variety;
we are bonded together through love.
Various races, colors, and beliefs compose my clan.
You zealots that spew hatred with such audacity-

you hurt my family, you hurt me; and yet you remain unaware.
Homogeny works for pearls on a string, but not people.
Humanity is not composed of the same size and pigment;
it doesn't fit neatly on a string-it is resilient due to diversity.

My family is perfectly matched by the bonds between us:
tied together on a string, knots and all, each one uniquely precious,
made stronger by the differences, accepting the variances,
rejoicing in the complexity of the similarity.

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