On the edge of the void,
staring into the distance of my mind,
I sit, contemplating.
Dare I venture forward?

No, the path ahead lies overgrown with thorns and pests.
So I remain, forced to admire its splendor from afar.
Yet I cannot turn around,
for the path I have walked remains barren and lifeless.

So what choice do I have but to remain in this cage of reality,
gazing into the beauty and horror of uncertainty,
free to return to safety, yet unwilling,
wishing to leap headlong into the void, yet unable.

Perhaps it is fear? No, I have no trepidation for the ambiguous.
Perhaps I lack the strength to forge a new trail.
I cannot remain here on this precipice of indecision,
but which path do I take?

Shall I return to the disconcerting security I wish to abandon?
Dare I heed the siren's song of the unknown?
Neither path appears hospitable, but what choice have I?
Perhaps these options will forever remain illusory.
Yet I must chose, for lingering on this precipice
risks forcing gravity's ever looming hand.

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