Predator’s Bioluminescent Lure

I lurk, lying in the depths, waiting.
Hungrily I snap my immaculate fangs
As I scan for a scrumptious appetizer.
My lure bobbing, a light in a dark world.

The lure glows an eerie greenish-yellow.
It waves, posing a friendly gesture.
It looks unlike its true menacing self;
Flailing around bragging and betting.

I'm hungry and impatient for food.
The sea current drifts in freezing bouts,
Washing over me until I forget the cold-
I spy a light in this unforgiving world!

Predator spots and targets prey;
Prey targets and follows the light-lure.
Snap! Prey is dead (chomped in two).
Predator gobbles most, some sinks-marine snow.

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