Can we sense the predators in our midst?
Can we pretend that they don't exist?
Is that what makes us the prey?
Hoping we're not being hunted day to day
Trying to act natural as they creep up on you
Trying to find a way to use yourself against you
To gain your trust and watch you lose
They hold your hand as you tie your noose
Blindsided and vulnerable they're ready to hit
They throw it all in your face with their venomous spit
Tear you down as if you didn't matter
Watch you break down, watch you shatter
With an insatiable vacancy still harboring inside
The fire still burns, it is still very much alive
Never enough you will never be free
They will never release their awful decree
For they are the victim in this terrible game
You have wronged them, you should be ashamed
Projection is the predator's little trick
Make everyone believe they are the weak and the sick
Escape the moment or succumb to the madness
Every shred of dignity is engulfed with sadness
Projection is now reflection, an image so distorted
A simple missing person who's never reported
Run away or stay and pay the ultimate cost
Breathe fire with the dragon and you'll be forever lost

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