Prejudice Love

I am told there is love out there for everyone.
Everyone has their own sun.
But I laugh and roll my eyes,
My disbelief undisguised.
Love is prejudice, I know that for sure.
I have to endure.
Sometimes loneliness is too much to bear,
Though I try not to care.
I am a different story,
Is there no love for me?
My heart is pure, my mind unsure.
I am sorry to say, I will never again have faith.
Love is reserved, and I know not whether I have deserved.
I have too much love locked away,
As I hope someone will want it one day.
Am I unworthy of a mended heart?
If not, where must I start?
Tell me again, that love will wait.
Tell me again, of my never fate.
I wished upon a star,
But my desire is much too far.
My heart is broken every day,
And you keep slipping farther away.
Tell me again, that love is out there.
Lie again and say you actually care

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