Preset to "Awakenings"

...My Writings,_My Thoughts;>>>>>>>>>>>

Lost & trapped my spirit & Heart is still to this day,...
As we all pay for our destinies of here & in our days..

{...As I search deep through my seeds for Hope..}

My hart already knows,.
The love my soul craves can not be found in these ways...

As my eyes turn & gaze they fall
upon the window{s} & of the day{s},.
casting shadows along its {pains} blocking its way{s}...
Although the many paths may seem to be clear,
I Am But lost & traped whithin its clouded fears...
I Blind my eyes, I hold my breath
as I tip toe on what I only believe is left..
We Brace to Talk,
But Are Blind of breath...
We stand Tall,
But in truth {we} kneel N crawl...

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    This Poems Story

    This is the opening poem to a philosophy writing entitled "...Awakenings..."