President Nixon’s Last Big Trick

I'll say this about that man Nixon, he was a jerk but quite convincing.
He tried to make himself stand tall, but wrapped himself up in a ball.
Every man on his staff was crooked, when income tax time come he took it.
He used it with his dimwit thought, and through the country in a knot.
There stood Nixon with a grin, and stood and lied to escape the pen.
Then threw the blame on other men, to save his own repulsive skin.
Refused to give the tapes to congress, he said that they were good and honest.
He erased some tape but he was caught, There must of been something that Nixon forgot.
He paid the doctors lots of bread, to say that he was damn near dead.
With Executive privledge and making you sick, was president Nixon's last big trick.
Couldn't stand and take it like a man, he refused to take the witness stand.
Old Nixon had to quit his job, before the country mobbed his bod.
President Nixon he was quick, got sick gave Watergate the slip. He probably pocketed half our doe, That's why the country's runnin slow. Old chipmunk face was our disgrace.
Yeah sled nosed Nick being mighty slick, had one last big trick.

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