The weight grows bigger, adding onto last years
Consuming more of me and what I want to be
I feel that pressure everywhere
My finger nails are bitten past their limit
My temple throbs and the back of my head aches
From the school work as it piles up, like the pressure
My stomach has the most pressure as it craves
For what I've deprived it of, because of the pressure
Mothers words eating away at me
"You must be skinny, keep working out!"
As if it wasn't her DNA that made me this way
"Mother please, Im trying my best" I wish to say
But the pressure stops me

They always come to me for advice, but I'm 16
I sit there as they lay every issue onto me
Furthering the pressure, deepening the pressure
Feeling that pressure in my shoulders
As if I'm carrying the world on my shoulders
And I am, my small sad world which consumes me
which has taken away the perfect grades of the past
And all of the friends I'd assume would last
It's all gone away under the pressure
So now its me, hot tears, a frown, melancholy, and aches
And that pressure.

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