The force that exerts an action.
It is my feet against pavement;
The micro spasms of my muscles
Trying to fight gravity to remain standing.
Walking, moving forward:
It is the weight on my shoulders
That some days feels like my whole world is barely being held up.
It is the joint pains in my arms and legs-
The people in my life pushing and pulling me.
Everyone wants something, everyone has expectations:
It is the weight of my eyelids that feel impossible to keep open,
To stay focused, caused by sleep deprivation.
It is the ache in my chest when I struggle for air-
Suffocation, expectations that smother me.
It is the tension in my voice as I attempt to articulate
What I need to say, but nothing seems to make sense.
People just stare, making me feel like an inadequate moron.
It is the constriction of my ears as voices become background hums.
"Too much to do. Not enough time."
"Too much. Not enough,"my mind whispers.
My body is tired, but my mind cannot stop-
That is pressure.

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