Pressures of Hope.

Break through the doors of silence, by avoiding cracks laid on the pavement.
Keep the tears behind your eyelids. Hide, inside all your frustration.
Let the light grope the darkness. Gorilla glue the broken-hearted.
Chase fear back through the tunnel, to the source, where it first started.

Holding on to your mistakes; acting as your ball and chain.
Danger shrouded in the corner; Mountains standing in your way.
Living in the present; thoughts stalk you like a leopard;
Tempted by the future as it bites you like a snake.

Introduce, a new influence, waiting patiently in vain.
Show you how to push through it, by believing you can change.
Optimism must prevail, ignore the poison on the fangs.
Failures not an option, your the only person you can blame.

Severing your aspirations, paralyze your motivation.
Born again out from the ashes; Hopes’ become your medication.
Break on through the doors of silence; mind the snakes of complication.
Let the love fill up your eyelids. Hope is now your inspiration.

A weapon of imagination. Up to you to learn its language. Will you choose not to embrace it? The time is now and you must face it!

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