By Cutie88   

We pretend that's what we do
We pretend you never hurt me
We pretend i never left
Pretend there's more to our
relationship than all the shots
we've missed.
So we kiss each other senseless
because we have no senses left
we wish badly this could go back
to normal, this is all like a moving train
passing through never stopping at the place
we need to get off at.

But i will savor the moment
here with you now because i am
just so tired of being sad of having
to pretend i am okay without you.

So we pretend we don't think
about the things we did to each other
pretend we'll be okay
maybe one day we'll pretend so hard
we will be.

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This Poems Story

Its about a sad breakup between two people who thought they had everything and that they could make it in this scary world but the odds were against them and they pretend it doesn't hurt and that everything will be ok even though it never will.