Pretend and Pleasure

Pleasure seeks the greedy
While sorrow seeks the lonely
The feeble or the needy
They’re all humans only

Joy fills the contented
Grief fills the bitter
Those bodies that were invented
May become a life’s quitter

Concern fills the family
The good ones who don’t understand
Those who don’t wonder
What’s on the other hand

Care fills the ones
That betray but play pretend
Cream fills the buns
That fill me in the end

But there’s not enough to inhale
And not enough for them to know
All the mistakes in which I fail
But mistakes that never show

There is doubt in the happy hood
And scars in the sad
Those who grieve are good
And those who laugh may be bad

Why can’t things share a smile
Because they’re too happy to share
The scars went on file
While the smiles went to jail

So maybe it’ll be alright
Just keep pretending you’re okay
Keep wearing jackets tight
And you’ll get through the day

They’ll never figure out
As long as I pretend
3 more months to find out
countdown my heartbeats end…

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This Poems Story

This poem was written at a time where I began to accept the way society works. I realized that it was usually the happy people in life that got what they wanted successfully while others couldn't not afford to be content with their lives. These two different societies do not merge in well and tend to repelled from each other without having a chance to understand what a person's view of life is. Those who were depressed became suicidal and their negative outcome what a mental health file while those who are satisfied with their life feel so successful that they would kermit crimes that they thought were easy, and then those people would end up in jail. In conclusion, there are those who are depressed that have to pretend to have a pleasure in life while others have the pleasure of pretending to be good.