Pretend Friend

'You disgust me with the way you look at me' is what I always wanted to say.
But I'm too nice to reveal my thoughts out loud for you to hear within range.
So instead I take the coward's way and write it out for you to read.
Though your eyes will never scan across these letters I type during the night.
'Cause I'm nothing more than just an obstacle in this life we share now.

You pretended to be my friend by cementing yourself within my circle.
Yet sucks for you, I don't kiss and tell all of my stories I have to share.
You're not important to me you made yourself out to be; the truth hurts.
But this is what you get after screwing me over so many times through the ages.

I've known you for such a long time that I fooled myself into believing we'd be together.
All the way back from high school to the point we grew to adults; found myself to be wrong.
Since you kept going behind my back, talking smack about me when all I ever did was praise you.
Wrote most of my poetry about you and all of the fantasies I shared for the world to see.
Yet you made me look like a fool in the end so now you're completely dead to me.

You pretended to be my friend when in reality you were only after breaking me down.
Thought I could trust you with my valued treasure yet turned out I was stupid in love.
You're not as important as you made yourself out to be since the world doesn't revolve.
But this is what happens in the end since you split your connections with me.

It hurts you knowing I'm still striving to be the best while I'm still breathing.
While you're still lurking around the shadows, trying to get back into my world.
But I'm not a sucker to play with fire twice so I'm making sure you stay in my memories.
Since now I've found a new sense of paradise with the friends I've come to know and love.

You pretended to be my friend to get close, but you never thought I'd learn your game.
Though I went along for the time, I'm grateful for all the inspiration you gave me.
'Cause you always gave me something new to write about and explore my talents with words.
But now you'll never see how far I've come from the days we were boys since you're gone.

'You disgust me with the way you look at me' is what I had always wanted to say.
But I was always too nice to speak my thoughts out loud so instead I'll write them down.
Transform my words filled with sadness to passion from the feelings you've left me with.
It's funny this story came to a tragic ending, but this was the fate you entailed...

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This Poems Story

This poem came about thinking of my high school crush and how he did me completely wrong.