Pretended Love

A Pretended Love
Your fake concern.
Your lying heart I had unfortunately had to learn.
Your cheating ways how it cut & burn.
My trusting chance you wasted.
My sweetness for a moment you tasted.
My broken heart can't be taped, glued, or pasted.
For a while you have become a permanent bum.
Holding up signs at an intersection don't get my pity.
Not here or in any other city.
Our "relationship" was like a play.
You just used me so your miserable sex could have a lay.
With you I never wanted to live with or stay.
I promise in the end karma will pay.
Be presentable, admirable, & commendable.
Independent, & capable.
Not needy & dependant.
Pay your own mortgage or rent.
Be far enough away so I can't smell your odor.
Deodorant, soap, & cologne is not expensive.
Use toothpaste, mouthwash, & a razor to be nice.
Wash, shave, & brush so you don't get lice.
Your a stench & a disease
I would never touch, embrace, or squeeze.
You will forever be a two timing sleaze.
Your ticket punched.
A non productive drunk.
Your whole life is a problem unshrunken.
No thanks with you I wouldn't eat lunch.
I have lost my appetite.
Your a eye sore in my sight.
Now that your homeless, old, ugly, diseased, stench of liquor & tobacco, & unemployed.
Your status is void.
Who are your prospects?
Who would want to be with you?
Not me.
© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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