Pretending Destiny

I fell apart but held on. I tried to look up, reach for the sun
I made believe you loved me and kept you in mind
when you weren't there for me
I'm not about to forget about my life
The life I was living or maybe just dreaming
I couldn't deal, I couldn't feel
That difference in beauty when you really held me
But I digress.. I want to keep what's real, dream the rest
I did pretend, dress up, make believe
That you were ever going to love me
Exaggerate, keep up the pace
I needed the time to run the race
I needed to keep up or live in disgrace
I'm sorry to middle school me
The little girl that just wanted an acoustic and harmony
But now that I'm giving up on moving on
It's time to let go.hold on
I prayed that someday life would change
Become the new day in age
All the lies would rid their disguise
But now I see that isn't really me
I'm finally taking control of me
I would wake up just to go back to sleep
Just one more dream. Just a way to make life perfect
A way to create my own destiny
I need to stop pretending.when will I stop pretending?

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