Pretentious Patriotism

Pretentious Patriotism
By Rathan Newland

Red, White, and Blue
The colors of me and you
What would you be willing to do
To fight for the free and the living?

The flag runs red with the blood of the lost
Soldiers who fought no matter the cost
Some are remembered by graves unembossed
Will we hold them in our memory?

Some on the streets with purple ribbons
While we take for granted all we’ve been given
We owe them much for the life we’ve been living
But do we even spare a passing glance?

Wounded soldiers in a fight for their lives
A daily struggle just to survive
On the street being eaten by flies
Our pretentious patriotism is nothing but lies

A war-torn warrior
Grows cold on the ice
One day a year will never suffice
How can we look them in the eyes
When we subtly spit on their sacrifice?

Even those uninjured lay awake
With memories of death that they cannot shake
Something that they willingly undertake
So we can live the sheltered lives that we make

If all the world is more than a play
If we truly believe in what we say
Then we should never turn away
From those that have given us what we have today

They’ve given us the chance
So now, will you take it?

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