Pretty Girl

Pretty girl why do you look so sad?

"Oh it's nothing, just my dad,

but don't worry or be sorry,

I think my mom just made him mad,

and that makes me really sad,

because I miss my dad."

Pretty girl why are you so sad?

"I fell in love with a man,

but he doesn't love me

like I love him,

but don't worry or be sorry,

I have a plan,

to make the pain end."

Pretty girl why are you crying?

"Oh it's nothing,

just all the lying and dying,

Why did my dad never come home?

Why has my love left me all alone?

I do not know what is wrong with me,

but I am sorry,

all I can do is worry."

Pretty girl why did you do this?

"Oh it's nothing but the curtain drop,

It is but the ticking of an old clock,

I looked for you, dad,

in every boy I've ever loved,

but I couldn't find you,

and they all pulled the plug,

the crying, the lying, the dying,

it stains like red lipstick on teeth,

but don't worry or be sorry,

because I rest way beneath."

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