Pretty Hurts

Pretty Hurts
By: Jessica D. Berry

A remedy elixir is her life,
A life potion of self liquidations
Flawlessly polished of imperfections
A pretty girl defined by,
the vanity of artificial beauty
A makeup diva too immaculant,
to be an average cutie
Her self-worth is the epitome,
of "Social Validations"
A impeccable woman,
of temptress attractions
A softness on the eyes to alluring men
Who chase their desires,
to find lovers of her in the flesh
Fools of lust who are nothing,
but casualties of distractions
Her hips curve the boldness,
that outlines the sexiness of her frame
Her waist is a timeless hour-glass
hula hooping her shape to it's tame
Smudged makeup, dripping mascara, and
smeared lipstick liquidating it's colors of "Pretty"
Unpretty in her reflections,
She flawlessly powder up her...."Self Pity"
Covering her imperfections,
With her remedy foundation elixir,
Produced By: Your's Truly,
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