Pretty Lady

Pretty Lady- He met this pretty lady from around the Bay that stood 5'5 with Honey brown eyes that attract all the guys like wild flies with a pretty smile that stays a while she said she's shy that's not a lie he ask her why while he ask to dance hoping to get one chance they wine and grind from behind he's painting a masterpiece in his mind thinking of all the things he can not find with a butterfly tattoo he cannot lose skin soft to touch he can't get enough hair silky and shiny with a body so tiny when she speaks it brings melodies to his ears her voice so foreign to hear his heart never miss a beat every time they meet he dream of her when he sleep he lights up like a lighthouse every time he sees her face he's hoping he makes it to homebase at the end of the night he want a goodnight kiss not a dismiss yes a pretty lady she is he's wishing she is down with the biz by ~HoneyA~

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