Prey for the Barbary Lion

In the meadow under the blazing sun
Heat fell nimble on the dry roasting ground
Heating the back of the Barbary lion
As it stalked and crawled toward the careless bison

The careless bison
Prey for the Barbary lion
Drinking on at his endless river
Herd not too far but still concealed

The hungry Barbary lion unaware of the herd
Close to the careless bison
With one last glance and quickening of the heart
The Barbary lion flew straight like a dart
The herd of the lone bison
Hearing the roar of the Barbary lion
Turning their heads to their doomed stray friend
Ready to strike the Barbary lion
The stampede of powerful bison
No match for the alarmed lion
As fast as he came began to leave
He was for the herd of bison
The retreating Barbary lion
Chased by the herd of the careless bison
Charging on toward that Barbary lion
No longer the lone bison

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