Price to Pay for Wrong

As We look ahead,Let Us do right and prosper,
so when seeking right deeds strange and wonderful deeds will occur.
But We can't be sleeping when in the struggle We must stay awake,
it's for all truth seekers,and done for all Our sakes.
The more the light penetrates the more fearful the liars get,
there's no need to fear when in the Lord's way We are set.
Though the evil looks so mighty Jah is still the King,
Remaineth undefeated, as He opens hearts and minds hear the true hearts sing.
this leaves satan in a uproar trying to fight truth down,
But his bad deeds counterattack him So truth blossoms from town to town.
Yes,The light is showing all the evil ones vain desires,
We know Jah's light will spread just like a raging wild fire.
there will Be no putting it out, not with the Lord it's main source,
Only one option the devil has it's to revere Jah and reverse course.
yeah,We know that's to simple for a so called mighty beast,
Just remember the Lord is patient bad deeds don't affect Him not in the least.
It's best that everyone's work before the Lord truly shines,
So whenever there is trouble Our help will come from the Divine.
Many beings have committed evil's that they thought went undetected,
But nothing slips pass Jah He has seen and it's been inspected.
for some time now satan has been pretending as if he was so strong,
Should have known everythang comes back to Jah,With a Price to Pay for Wrong! Amen

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