How patiently she sits, awaiting the steady hand
and the cold feel of paint from hardened bristles
to make her something beautiful.
It has been days since she saw her friends get bathed
in glimmering hues of poppy yellow and sapphire red,
but she knows it will soon be her turn to display
the sights locked in her artist's head.
Patiently, calmly, she rests on her easel,
blank and fresh as a new beginning,
in the hope that inspiration has not abandoned
the hand that holds the brush
or the mind that holds the creation.
Perhaps, when the time comes, she'll taste a melancholy design,
one bathed in dark blues and midnight secrets.
Or maybe she'll be covered in the brightest of colors,
ones that make her feel warm and loved beneath her cotton skin.
But to her, it doesn't matter what people will see
when she is freshly designed,
still shining like the slick coat of a brand new baby calf.
To her, she will always be a masterpiece worth displaying.
And that is what makes her priceless.

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