Since a very young age,
some questions have been part of our lives.
What do we have to say?
How does that make us feel?
But more and most significantly,
what do we want to be when we grow up?

Answering this question when we were little,
almost always resulted in numerous responses.
A veterinarian.
A fireman.
A doctor.
A police officer.
Our lists went on nearly perpetually.
But not anymore.

Now, as teenagers, and
therefore, obviously
and simply awful delinquents,
our lists have been severed.
We realize many of our aspirations
were unrealistic. Foolish. Childish.
Because life is hard,
it is difficult to succeed,
but to this I absolutely do not agree.

We have been tricked by society,
denigrated and denied rightful positions
in our own lives because of who we wrongly choose to love,
how we dress inappropriately,
the way we speak out of turn and out of line,
and even our basic genetic code
which determines the color of our flawed skin.
We are made to believe we are worthless.

But we are not worth any of our grades in math class.
Not on our tests nor our final exam.
Because similar to popular belief,
we do not even use math frequently!
We are not worth how well we do
on a presentation regarding the Middle Ages.
Who cares?
Nobody wanted to listen to our presentation,
as badly as we did not want to present.

We are worth so much more than our GPAs,
our IQs, our exams and SAT scores.
At the end of the day,
there is only one thing that truly matters.
The size of our brains or the size of our hearts?
We can tell you,
it is always the latter.

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