He was a man with big dreams, a big heart, yet not enough luck.
He didn’t get the opportunities he deserved.
If he had, he would have run with them.
People cared about him… but not enough, I guess.

Liking a status, commenting, poking… “saying” you’re friends…
That’s not enough.
All he wanted was people to be there.
All he wanted was for people to care.

But he couldn’t get that…

Sitting alone in the middle of the park… at 4am…
And the cops didn’t even ask… or show a bit of fucking concern of why he was there.

He was a nobody…
And shouldn’t have been.
He was supposed to be somebody…
He was supposed to be someone.
But no… all he got was a rotten life, a worthless job serving food…
And possessions to imitate a better life.
He had no recognition from anyone.
His family didn’t give two shits about him…
why would anyone else?
Is it really hard to believe that he can’t accept, or understand why
Anyone would love him?
And because no one understood that he feels the need to be fought for,
He pushed himself away from anyone that showed the slightest attention…

It’s not hard to break a leash made of string,
Even if interlaced with a thread of tender copper.

All he wanted
Was to be truly loved…
And to finally have an opportunity… just a chance.

That’s all he wanted.

And now he’s gone; gone from our lives!
He took the opportunity from all of you, this time.
He took the opportunity to love him, care for him, because you didn’t take it.

And so, I will be taking his place.
The best part – you wont like me.
I am not here to make friends.
I am not here to be loved.
I am here to fuck shit up.
I am here to get a reason,
Steal a reason.
A reason to keep this body breathing…
To try and give Him a legacy.
I don’t need luck.
I don’t have a heavy past to weigh me down.
I don’t have feelings.
I don’t have a choice.
I was born to be this way.
I was created to be this way.
I’m motherfucking Pride.

And it’s nice to meet you…
But I don’t give a fuck about you…
What matters…
Is Me.

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