By Brown11   

Sun falling down beneath the trees, rays of the day spread over the mountains seams

The eyes of an eagle stares steadily into the soul, is the body just an easel for this portrait just to hold

To be strong, to be weak, to speak up to be meek, to preserver, show no fear, hold back those tears, as we measure our defeat

Taking in life one breath at a time, count the repetitious thoughts parading of a delicate mind.

To hold firm to beliefs, clinch our fist, grind our teeth, put up the shield of defense, moving on dig a trench.

Soldier up, feeling strong, on the front line of defense I'll be honest I'm not convinced i belong lying pined against the fence.

Something deep down inside, yells at me telling me to keep reaching till I find the key to the lock, to unlock the secrets buried deep within my mind.

And I'm stopped in my tracks, a flood of fear starts to attack, amongst my pears, I'm forced to react, I hear them cheer, I see them clap.

Its time this time it's for real, yep I'm going in for the kill.

Shouldn't it be known to let it be known how i feel.

I try to speak but words I can find, suddenly i feel contrite like a stabbing in my side and its left me paralyzed by the silence of my Pride.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem seeing a friend struggle with speaking out, and I tried to identify the difficulties of confronting suchba challenge