Pride Can Be Deadly

By Da Poet   

Pride Can Be Deadly

Often entangled, this web of controversy,
aren’t you sick of this mess,
free yourself Lord have mercy?

Why fuel the fire,
why fan the flames,
you really got time for these childish games?

Tempers flaring, ugly gestures are made,
such profound language spews from your head.
Is it worth the aggravation,
is it worth the pain?

Why not just walk away and leave it for dead?
One can argue it takes two to fight,
allow cooler heads to prevail no matter who’s wrong or right.

A derivative from experience let your cranium be led,
let experience be your teacher feed your heart instead.
A word to the wise has always been enough,
listen to experience, think, get rid of that stuff.

Role Pride...

It’s dangerous!
It’s deadly!
It’s poison!

Hearthrob (Da Poet),

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