Pride of the Nation

She was the pride,
before the social norms she defied.
Her dress was an ultimate crowd pleaser.
Tickled the taste buds of that geezer,

Outshining a man,made a woman so lewd,
her bosom kept all the eyes glued.
Toiling under the stars
Was accompanied by these scars.

His next move was quite certain,
Undeniably and unquestionably the insertion.

She apparently an article,
Left solely with no chaste particle.
A million questions of cops,she heard
Unveiled the vision of justice so blurred.

Now the onus of her marriage,
Appended in her plight carriage.
She was entirely and utterly flawed,
By the man she was justifiably clawed.

She was the pride,
Before the social norms she defied.
She was the pride,
before she committed suicide.

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