Pride is in the air
It floats around us looking for somewhere to call home
I can see it in the heads held high
The strong shoulders that hold me as I cry
It's in the smile that glistens on a cloudy day
It shines through as his arms glide through the air
Knowing exactly where to go
It's in his look of concentration
His lips ever so slightly pursed
Those hands that have held me a million times
Now covered by the glove that envelops them
Keeping him safe for me
He dances around the ring in smooth practiced choreography
All to feel important
To prove to himself and everyone
To prove he will always pick himself up
No matter how many blows
I know he will never let me down
That's what it really is
He doesn't have to prove himself to me
But he does it anyways
He shows me everyday
He will always get back up

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