Strung up, strung out,
Crawling around with this gout.
Nobody can tell me what it's about.
Coming apart, coming undone,
Dilating pupils to get some fun.
It's warm under the strobe light sun.
Chemsex and Subutex,
Dead heart beating in dry dead breast.
I like you better when we just text.
Hands off, hands on hold,
Give me a few minutes to become so bold.
You're breathing heavy and you're breathing cold.
Dance, dance! Yeah, dancing jubilee,
I'm melting away and I can't disagree.
I can only look at you straight when I can't see.
Sweating, crying, blood flowing to toes,
Arms around my waist, squeezing till I explode.
Following the past around, wherever he goes.
I'm screaming and smashing things around
But all my noise won't make a sound.
I wish my voice made a squeak, but it's nowhere to be found.
Fluorescent bulb, red shadow light,
I'm naked in the mirror tonight.
Like every other night.

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