Destined for bathing in the sorrow of an evening sun
Just before it sets and the moonlight would shine
She whispered magical words to him before sleep
Like they ever reached his careless ears
Safe and sound remained the love they had for each other
Life was costing them their sanity however
Like it was supposed to tear them apart to stitch them back together
Like a deep cut wound
Far from the scars on her arms or the lingering doubt in his heart
This one remained silenced by the sentence of circumstance
Rhythmically rocking them through days and nights
Open hearts and heavens welcomed them before
Would anything change next time they meet the same shore ?
What if she still comes back from her ashes like the phoenix
What if he longed for the heat, the adrenaline, the goosebumps
The late murmurs
The thousand song lyrics hummed
Kept under breath like the fast heart rates
What if she buried her emotion in their rose garden
Sickened by the waiting on the windows
What if she fled the castle by then 
Would he still call her princess ?

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