Forever yours, I am to him as to me he is.
Forever mine, he is me as I am he.
Forever thine, as two become one.

Never here, as much as i would want.
Never there as my heart bursts.
Never anywhere to be brutally honest.

Duality in life as in love, entrapment of the heart.
picking up the pieces, fractured.
In a million pieces on the cold hard ground.
lackluster at best, downright dingy.
At worst, i find you.
Even in disaster you begin to be a savior.
My savior, forever.

Until forever becomes for now.
My white knight, my savior.
Begins to look more like a Jester.
A fraud, a disastrous turn of events.
The walls come crumbling down.
I'm left trying to pick up the pieces.
Jigsaw my life back together, the puzzle.
Disney never told me it would be like this.

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