Accepting the unacceptable is not easy
when looking at the world through the barb wire.
Its sharp edges make it almost impossible to escape.
Still, with a silent rhythm of my body,
I can fly over
while sitting here, motionless.
If I just could hear the melody
and follow its tunes,
I would be free to know
what it's like to bargain with the real world,
the miracle of the innocence of humanity,
the wisdom of nature...
I want to be with it!
My desire to be included fuels my sorrow
when I look out the window protected by metal bars,
breath of freshness is bolted to the other side of it.
What once came as a free gift,
I now have to pay for.
I lack the privilege of what used to be my human right.
To inhale and exhale the polluted cities,
feeling the wind,
the sun burning through my clothing,
I found freedom in losing it.
Let me out!
I want to shine
and with each streak of light
I shall find forgiveness.

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